Support the Powwow

In the award-winning documentary, Ayoungman, Melodie Ayoungman challenges two communities to work together and learn about one another. Siksika Nation and the Town of Strathmore are on a journey to do just that, and in the process create a movement.

The Lead by Example Powwow is an important next step in this journey. Join alongside as we deepen relationships, build partnerships, and inspire people through the power of powwow.

When you buy a t-shirt or hat you're supporting the Lead by Example Powwow - it's not merely an act of generosity, but it is also a reflection of your values and a commitment to making a positive impact in our region. 

It's through the collective power of giving that we can create real change and build a better future for all. Know that your contribution matters and will make a profound difference in the lives of others.

All proceeds from the Lead by Example Powwow Store will go towards the success of this event. From sound systems and tabulators, to host drums and dancer payout - every dollar will be put towards making the Lead by Example Powwow a remarkable event.

*Anysurplus funds will be put towards regional reconciliation activities and scholarship opportunities in Kakato'si Kristian Ayoungman's name.

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